it’s hard just to blame the folks for the formation sam continuity of systems that have developed and allow folks to scatter here and there for the priority of money making. folks do get displaced often. they move here or there. near or far and even take breaks to situate themselves oversees for x amount of time when job conditions favour it as priority.

for one aspect. never at that a snob description does not possess a greater sense of influence on the continuity and development of a personal life. it does. for it takes a hefty amount of time of our general flow of life. in fact it takes us away from home. from family and it has power to affect our relationships. from personal romantic to our undertakings with our offsprings.

the power of money can affectuate and influence our lives to such an extend that our lives literally revolve around it. hence the capitalist formation that generates the jobs generates them bc it serves it foremost.

now u may say capitalism frees us. and or allows us the bounty of needs met. for all this. is great. in ways that we can see there’s aside from a capitalist form, a one that allows for functionality of communities. there are this number of people roughly and this much needs will be necessary. and the work falls on us to make sure it keeps coming and gets distributed and everyone is doing their share of full functionality of the communities and their appearance common needs. this wouldn’t be hard to detect and i don’t think anyone would say that this job would be too difficult or people are too lazy since their lives and families well being depend on the continuity of goods received such as food and cleansing products and medicine needs as well as their home livelihoods; building materials for the upkeep since things get old and break down at some point.

the issue isn’t that the work is hard. but that there are grey areas within the system. a part of the capitalist notion that runs on from a hierarchal point of perfection . on one side u have these but giant corporations who have means why? bc they have money and time to sit down and dissect every which means to not only trickle systems down to a t but get back a hefty sum in return. the machine is clear from the vantage point of overseeing things like an eagle cruising down toward the horizon and looking at everything from its point of flight aviation.

tho when we consider the realistic aspect of such conditions we can then see the plethora of issues. on one side we have old folks in old peoples homes isolated and subject folks to a half educated situation where they are not getting much out of it either bc the whole system denominated funds prior to the well-being of all involved.

on other side we have our kids educated by strangers so we spend a big portion of our lives hustling so we can make funds available to their future as well as our continuity of maintenance of our homes and food and goods and the like.

u can immediately detect the systems is not good. it has potential to get better but would require a change of heart from those who conduct such conditions. and u can see why that can be frustrating. it’s like asking someone to not make any meir capital than they been making. or give up their yatch to consider all and everything. or not pollute any more to this world bc that would mean allow folks to hav more time with family instead with their time which can make them feel not stable in their own thinking and reasoning that things. if they r not predictable then they won’t make predictable capital ans churn the economy in their favour. and these are skills that were perfected over long period of time. so it’s no wonder a change of heart of altruistic approach to the old systems is actually very scary and can cogeneration animosity when confronted.

but we as the people could not only take ownership among those of us who do give into such indoctrination in terms of violent and out of control behaviours among us but also put the people before us to clarify our aspect appeal that we don’t need wars and at the very least should have the right to see where our tax dollars go offer new job ideas have equal say in the continuity of our communities and the world at large in terms of people relationships since just accomplishing no wars and having right of tax dollars would generate a ton of solutions to our dwindling life conditions.


we would need to take a look at how things work in order to understand the ways in which everything developed. there’s clear distinction between a selfless being who can objectivise common issues and then those with extreme self related thinking. self cherishing mentality. the i am the best. and u are terrible status. the world that surrounds us may seem like it revolves around us to an external. it’s a one simply point of perception. and it’s not the whole truth. just a relativity aspect of our positioning as well as purview. and the depressive thoughts that are counter to self cherishing aspect are of the same quality in terms of how sometimes things get so serious that all we think about is being burdened by the negativity and uncertainty and pain of our lives. although. since two things can’t be truth the same ways. the depression and the anxiety produced by the recklessness of those who conduct systems with their cherishing attitude tends to generate a very clinically valid and real personal experience .

here’s the difference. u can have someone in power. it could be a woman or someone with a different skin colour or background. nice. but they r part of the system that does the questionable. and u may be directly or from afar affected by their appeal and actions. when u speak however. u may receive heavy criticism bc from their vantage point it seems like ur attacking or are against the evolutionary exchange of being inclusive and representative of those questionable groupings. yet. here’s the flaw in that line of thinking. for anyone who participates in a given system who may represent such values should prioritize those values first since it’s via acknowledgment of the values that generates such represent. secondary and third conditions are present in terms of ethical conduct. morals.

and it’s in the absence of the secondary and third conditions that we end up voicing our our concerns. not even the first. so why even bring the first condition as ur only means. ur only leg to counter an honest criticism ?

here’s another appeal. those who are part of systems can and will their power of being part of such to o only generate a portion of reality but also have influence to affect the whole at a greater degree. and not only that. they will ignore ur concerns and do not form communications wholly to not only channel ur concerns but answer and correct as well as. clarify development of such involvements and processes as well.

so it is no wonder u may be the person or part of a group that when u do speak up and voice or concern. it can seem like an attack. ur just a person with opinions at the end of the day. it’s not like u urself have power and position to make changes as effective and quick as they. can u not ?

tho we do realize the extreme portion of such slow and steady. or not so steady and painful development that not only does not consider true right and value of each life inclusive but excessively run on the fuel that each life doesn’t matter any more than it’s self cherishing attitude that when ever itself gets challenged it takes it as a personal attack as opposed to utilise objective thinking.

and the subjective thoughts is part of a uneducated mind who ends up getting a windfall to participate in such systemic development. an educated mind can separate their subjective thinking. on a situation on common ground and still act and decide and conduct themselves with ethics and morals on objective approach and thinking. not taking every thing as a personal spar. let alone. be revengeful on retaliations on such grounds as well since this would not only be unethical in their power imbalance but also criminal conduct on the grounds by which they have undertaken a job that is designed to serve and not dominate the people whose money u run on.